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Not an Affiliate program where you need to recruit people nor a MLM.

Watch two short videos, to see more places in the world that have our cameras.

Showcase of Live Views

Live Recorded Views

Here are the E-Z Steps to get Started Today.

Scout a location

Choose a location with and take photos and or videos of the view in what will show to the world.

Submit request

Submit the photo of location by email and the internet speed test results to make sure location is qualified.

Verify Contact

Provide us with the locations contact information for permission purposes and mailing address to send the camera to.

If you are on vacation anyways, why not get paid for being there. #travelscouts #HdViews

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  • Make between $20 to $50.00 + monthly for life per camera that is installed. This will grow monthly as more visitors will view locations
  • Get paid up to 50% for a direct sale if the client does not want the special promotion one.
  • Make income why you sleep or while you have fun. It is all up to you. You are the BOSS.
  • Average views per camera between 1,000 to 5,000 daily. Some views do a whole  lot more.

We have also prepared a FAQ

If you want to read this to get more information before your make a decision. There is no out of pocket expense to get the details by email. We want you to be comfortable with your decision. We are not your boss, but we will encourage you to look for locations near you or while you are out and about with family and friends. We need help as the world is big and there are many vacation destinations that we would never be able to visit, but you can.

It really is that simple, do not take our word for it. Look at the testimonials below from Travel Scouts that we have been working with recently. More are being added, you could be one of them.

Matt McLeoud Australian Podcaster

When I saw the Skyline HD Webcams, I saw so much potential in sharing Australia and New Zealand with the rest of the world. Sure you can look at photos or videos but we all want to live in the now. Being the first person in the world to live stream a skydive meant offering people the chance to show the world their business and destination was a no-brainer. If you travel or blog you need to get on board as a travel scout

Brian Perez

As a student, I get  to travel with my family and friends, so when we find a location I think would be suitable I snap a few pictures and submit my findings. EZ way to make residual income.

Would it not make sense to earn additional residual income while you are working or relaxing on vacation?

Learn more today by signing up and we will send you all the details to your email.

No cost ever except for your own travel expenses.

Make money while you travel or while you are sleeping so you can continually travel the world.

It really is a win-win proposition. Not only for us and you, but all the visitors we will bring to the camera view that you help set up

 Not only will the resort /hotel or travel destination will benefit by getting new bookings, but the viewers around the world will be able to see another location that they can start planning for their next vacation.

 With over 18 million views (May 2016) to our cameras monthly, that is a huge win for everyone,

Have you visited an Awesome Location?

Know of a location but do not want to fill out this form to get started, We will get our official team of Travel Scouts to review the information and see if this location will qualify. Thanks for submitting this possible location.